Apply for services from any location

Apply for postal services to be received at any of the 32 post offices located across Latvia by using the In-Out system, currently available on iOS and Android devices.


To apply for services remotely:

  • Download the Latvijas Pasts mobile app to your smartphone or tablet. 
  • From the list of post offices presented, pick one with a ticket icon.
  • Apply for the service you require. The app shows how many clients are in line for the service.

You will get a notification when the line in front of you shrinks down to three people and another notification when it is your turn. The latter message will also include the number of the client service booth you need to go to.

Use the Latvijas Pasts mobile app to remotely apply for postal services at any of the following post offices:


Riga Region
Riga Post Office No.3 s/c Mols post , Krasta Street 46
Riga Post Office No.10 Elizabetes Street 41/43
Riga Post Office No.11 Marijas Street 20
Riga Post Office No.13 Krisjana Valdemara Street 145, k-1
Riga Post Office No.15 Augusta Dombrovska Street 34
Riga Post Office No.17 s/c Domina, Ieriku Street 3
Riga Post Office No.21 Ulbrokas Street  7
Riga Post Office No.22 s/p Alfa, Brīvības Avenue 372
Riga Post Office No.25 s/c Spice, Lielirbes Street 29
Riga Post Office No.28 Talejas Street 1
Riga Post Office No.44 Ziemelu Street 10, Marupe District 
Riga Post Office No.50 s/c Origo, Stacijas Square 2
Riga Post Office No.58 Valdeku Street 52, k-7
Riga Post Office No.63 Aviacijas Street 15
Riga Post Office No.69 Slokas Street 146
Riga Post Office No.84  Unijas Street 52, k-1
Marupe Post Office  Daugavas Street 31, Marupe
Kurzeme Region
Liepaja Post Office No.3 Jauna ostmala 3/5
Liepaja Post Office No.7 Ganibu Street 175/177
Saldus Post Office No.1 Kuldigas Street 4
Tukums Post Office No.1 Pils Street 20
Ventspils Post Office No.1 Plata Street 8
Zemgale Region
Jelgava Post Office No.5 Rigas Street 48
Jekabpils Post Office No.1 Brivibas Street 131
Latgale Region
Daugavpils Post Office No.1 Rigas Srteet 42
Rezeknes Post Office No.1 Atbrivosanas Alley 81, k-5
Vidzeme Region
Aluksnes Post Office No.1 Pils Street 21
Cesu Post Office No.2  Stacijas Square 5
Madonas Post Office No.1 Saules Street 21
Valkas Post Office No.1 Seminara Street 15
Valmieras Post Office No.1 Rigas Street 34
Valmieras Post Office No.4 Stacijas Street 1

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