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Biļešu serviss
You can purchase tickets to cultural, sports and entertainment events at post offices.
Tickets to cultural, sports and entertainment events can be bought at all post offices of regional centres and major post offices. A detailed list of post offices, where you can purchase tickets, is available here.
You can purchase SuperBingo tickets at the post offices of “Latvijas Pasts”. A detailed list of post offices, where you can purchase SuperBingo tickets, is available here.
Latvijas Monētu nams
The dealer of the most prominent mints in the world and the distributor of official collection coins and medals in Latvia. LLC “Latvijas Monētu nams”, which was established in 2008, is owned by Finnish company “Samlerhuset Nordic”, a part of “Samlerhuset Group”.

Grand Prix
Grand Prix – a game, in which you have the opportunity not only to purchase special items specifically issued in limited edition for the participants, but also to win more than EUR 40 000 or a brand new car! Those, who have received the Grand Prix offers, are lucky already! Only a limited number of randomly selected people can receive this offer.

Bon­ Prix
The mission of Bon Prix is to offer fashionable clothes for the whole family at low prices. Bon Prix is one of the 10 largest companies in Europe that regularly distributes printed colour catalogues and adds new products to the company's website, offering to deliver high-quality goods via mail.

OTTO is the largest catalogue in the world, selling the latest products of the season: clothing, shoes, household goods and electronics. Anyone can purchase products that reflect the most typical seasonal trends for affordable prices. 

The product range offered by Halens has everything a modern family needs: trendy clothes, shoes and accessories for women, men and children. Customers can choose the most convenient way to place their order – by mail, by telephone or by visiting the Halens website.

Cellbes offers classic and comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as textile products and dishes. Cellbes has a strong position in the markets of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Ukraine.


Bakker is Europe's largest distributor of plants. It is a modern company with 65 years of experience, and it employs more than 700 employees. Bakker delivers the following products by mail: flower bulbs, plants, seeds, and other gardening products. Bakker's success is based on the high-quality plants it offers.­

Publications cover everything from delicious food, garden and home arrangement, to computers and classical music; IMP offers the widest range of publications for every age.­­­ Each of these publications is simple to understand; they are perfectly illustrated and contain great photos.­ So there should be no doubt that IMP has become one of the publishers characterized by high quality.­

Anttila sell goods on-line. It is a supermarket with a wide range of goods. The price level is essentially the same as in the Anttila sales system via mail, however, the on-line store has special promotions and discount campaigns.

The SELECT catalogue offers a variety of products for a wide range of consumers – women's and men's shoes, various clothing and accessories – hats, gloves, bags, bracelets and watches. The catalogue also offers a variety of useful things for your household and interior, as well as great ideas for gifts! The SELECT catalogue has been in Latvia for more than 10 years!


Currently sells photo and video equipment, equipment for communication, MP3 players, home appliances, TV sets, audio equipment, computers, office equipment, games and gaming equipment, sporting goods, travel goods, house and garden items, car accessories, CDs, DVDs and VHS, books, children's goods, beauty and health products, as well as gifts for every taste.

In the TOP SHOP catalogue, you will find the most necessary products for your household, kitchen, sports, beauty and health. You will be pleasantly surprised by the friendly prices and the wide range of goods. The catalogue also offers the products of such famous brands as Dormeo, Kosmodisk, Walkmaxx, Delimano etc. TOP SHOP takes care of your everyday life and festivities, offering topical gifts, discounts, and special conditions of delivery.

        is a digital service that offers to prepare and mail ordinary letters on-line. Now you do not have to purchase envelopes, paper, postage stamps and go to the post office to mail a letter – you just need a computer and an internet connection! The letters are delivered with the help of “Latvijas Pasts”. This service is provided by on the website of “Latvijas Pasts”.


RossPost ensures fast delivery of goods ordered from on-line stores to any individual in the world, thanks to a modern and fast logistics system. The company also offers product distribution logistics, which includes the receipt, storage, assembly and delivery of goods. RossPost cooperates with “Latvijas Pasts”, the Russian Post, and a number of airlines.

Amigo is a mobile operator that offers the lowest prices on mobile calls, SMS messaging and phones. 
We believe that good call quality at a low price is possible! Amigo uses the LMT network and towers to host communications, offering the best call quality and coverage throughout Latvia. From now on, apply for the most affordable rates, receive special offers and pay Amigo bills at the post offices of “Latvijas Pasts”!


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