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Unaddressed Advertising Mail with an Additional Service

Unaddressed Advertising Mail with an Additional Service

Unaddressed advertising mail improves sales results, enhances buyer loyalty and attracts new customers.

We deliver unaddressed advertising mail to a segmented group of recipients.


You have an option to deliver identical advertising or publicity material to a segmented group of recipients. 

The advantage of such postal items is low preparation costs, as the items do not have to be addressed.



Conclude an agreement on delivery of unaddressed advertising mail with an additional service, keeping in mind the following conditions:

  • the minimum mailing volume of 500 units
  • we do not ensure delivery to damaged mailboxes or mailboxes that cannot be locked
  • delivery to mailboxes of the target audience in Latvia is ensured within 10 business days

You can choose the type of targeting:

  • use the database of households of “Latvijas Pasts” (including the information of press subscribers)
  • deliver together with your addressed postal items
  • submit a list of target mailboxes
  • use a specialised selection


  • Maximum: the sum of length, width and thickness up to 90 cm, neither dimension may exceed 60 cm; the sum of length and double diameter of a roll up to 104 cm, neither dimension may exceed 90 cm.
  • Minimum: 9x14 cm; the sum of length and double diameter of a roll up to 17 cm, neither dimension may exceed 10 cm.


The Database of Households of “Latvijas Pasts”

You have access to the most extensive database available, specifically created for effective direct mail campaigns:

  • can be operatively segmented according to certain selection criteria
  • constantly updated
  • ensures all delivery-related activities in one place

The list of addressees selected from databases is valid at the moment of preparation. If confirmation of the order is moved on to the next work week, the selection must be carried out again.

To use database services, conclude an agreement.


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Commercial Correspondence with a Paid Reply

Companies that have concluded an agreement with “Latvijas Pasts” can pay for mailing back order forms, questionnaires, contracts and other documents from the addressee.

Prepare the postal item in accordance with the sample set out in the agreement and deliver or mail it to the addressee.

The addressee sends you a reply by dropping it into a letter box or submitting it for postage at any post office. The addressee does not have to pay for mailing the reply, unless he/she wants to send a registered postal item.

Replies are issued against a signature.

To learn about the service rates, please contact our sales department by calling 67008002 or writing an e-mail to