Off-Site Letter - boxes

If you are organizing an event or a campaign and want your visitors and participants to have an opportunity to mail a special event/campaign postcard or to simply send greetings via mail, you can apply for a mobile letter-box.


The service provides the temporary placement of a mobile letter-box at the venue of a particular event or campaign. 

The rental of an off-site letter-box service is a complex solution, ensuring the following:

  • Delivery of a postal letter-box to the address chosen by the customer, installation and return of the letter-box back to Latvijas Pasts
  • Emptying the letter-box (once a day)
  • Delivery of postal items to the addressees.

In cases when the customer wants for the letter-box to be emptied more often than once a day, such a service is offered to the customer for an additional fee.

When concluding an agreement on the service, the customer has to agree on the following with Latvijas Pasts:

  • Schedule of the service (data and time (from – to) of placement of the letter-box)
  • Location of the off-site letter-box (address and a precise location)

Postal items placed in the off-site letter-box must be:

  • Paid for with postage stamps
  • Prepared in accordance with Cabinet Regulations No. 392 Regulations Regarding the Procedure for Specifying the Recipient’s and the Sender’s Address on Postal Items

In order to receive the service you must:

  • Conclude an agreement
  • Specify the schedule of placement of the letter-box and a precise address

To learn about the service rates, please call 67008002 or write to