Latvijas Pasts installs the first bicycle rack on the carriageway next to Riga post office No. 10


 Latvijas Pasts installs the first bicycle rack on the carriageway next to Riga post office No. 10

Latvijas Pasts has installed the first bicycle rack in Latvia, which is located on the carriageway of the road, without taking up the area intended for pedestrians. Instead of parking two cars at Riga post office No. 10, 41/43 Elizabetes Street, it is now possible to park ten bicycles. Changes are also going to happen inside Riga post office No. 10: it will be transformed into a new type of customer service place from the point of view of both service and sales of goods and services.

Currently there is no analogue in Latvia to the bicycle rack created by Latvijas Pasts next to Riga post office No. 10. “This type of bicycle rack so far is the only one in Latvia, but in other European countries this is already a common practice for the efficient use of street space. It is distinguished by two positive aspects: it does not occupy the area intended for pedestrians, and ten bikes can be parked there instead of two cars. There are no other bicycle racks in the vicinity of the post office on Elizabetes Street, so we chose to place this solution right here,” Viesturs Laurs, the designer of the unique bicycle rack in Latvia and traffic infrastructure planner, points out.

Mārcis Vilcāns, Chairman of the Board of Latvijas Pasts, also welcomes the fact that Latvijas Pasts, in cooperation with cycling experts and traffic infrastructure specialists, has succeeded in implementing a unique, customer-friendly and modern bicycle rack solution in the capital. “We are pleased to have paid attention to the easy accessibility of post offices, also using a bicycle – a vehicle, which currently enjoys popularity. We move with the times and do our best to make the use of postal services as comfortable as possible,” M.Vilcāns acknowledges. 

Just like other Latvijas Pasts bicycle racks, the one installed on the carriageway is a tall bicycle rack produced of stainless steel and distinguished by special design: a stylised shipping envelope. The bicycle rack is designed with a yellow “tape” to mark off the area on which Latvijas Pasts logo is displayed, and it is also made of stainless steel.

Changes are also expected in the operation of Riga post office No. 10: it will be transformed into a new concept post office, providing high quality standards in both customer service and sales of goods and services. The team of the post office will be built anew by launching the employee selection procedure and setting high requirements for the applicants in terms of both customer service and knowledge of foreign languages.

For two years Latvijas Pasts has been active in developing a more favourable environment for customers in post offices, and the installation of bicycle racks is one of the essential components of this project. Besides the special bicycle rack on Elizabetes Street, Riga, the total number of the newly installed Latvijas Pasts bicycle racks next to the post offices across Latvia will amount to twenty this year.

The list of the post offices with bicycle racks installed or planned to be installed can be viewed here.


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