Latvijas Pasts offers Ukrainian nationals to make authorisation letters for receipt of postal items free of charge


Latvijas Pasts offers Ukrainian nationals to make authorisation letters for receipt of postal items free of charge

Latvijas Pasts has taken a decision to offer Ukrainian nationals to make authorisation letters for receipt of their postal items free of charge. In situations where the addressee himself or herself is unable to arrive and collect a postal item for some reason, Latvijas Pasts offers the opportunity to make an authorisation letter at a post office. In order to facilitate the receipt of items for Ukrainian refugees who need to authorise another person to collect their items, Latvijas Pasts does not charge a service fee from Ukrainian citizens for drawing up an authorisation letter.

As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Ukrainian people have fled to various European Union member states, including Latvia. Upon arrival in Latvia, Ukrainians also receive postal items that are delivered via Latvijas Pasts, but there are situations where the addressee himself or herself is unable to receive the item for some reason and it is necessary to authorise another person.

Such authorisation letters can be made at Latvijas Pasts post offices, and in order to ensure the integration and stay of Ukrainian refugees in Latvia, Latvijas Pasts has taken a decision to make authorisation letters for Ukrainian nationals for receipt of their postal items without charging a service fee.

The authorisation letter for the receipt of postal items can be made at any post office, showing a passport or identity card and indicating the name, surname and ID number of the authorised representative. It is possible to choose a term for the authorisation letter, authorising a representative for a definite period of time, or to draw it up as an open-ended authorisation letter. The presence of the authorised representative is not required to make an authorisation letter. Only one authorised representative may be nominated per authorisation letter. If the customer wishes to authorise several persons, a separate authorisation letter must be made for each person.

The authorised representative may receive postal items at the delivery address or at the post office upon presentation of the authorisation letter and an identity document of the refugee.

Latvijas Pasts ensures the opening of accounts in the Postal Settlement System for Ukrainian refugees free of charge, with the refugee’s identity document serving as a basis for opening the account.

In addition, a simplified procedure has been established for receiving postal items with personal belongings by the Ukrainian people. If a Ukrainian citizen is sent a postal item containing his or her personal belongings from Ukraine to Latvia, a notice regarding customs clearance of the item will be received from Latvijas Pasts, but the customs declaration does not have to be filled in and taxes do not have to be paid.

Since the 3rd of March 2022, Latvijas Pasts has not been accepting money orders and Western Union money transfers to Russia and Belarus, and it has not been paying out money orders and transfers received from those countries.

At the same time, both postal items and money orders to Ukraine are accepted, yet senders must take into account the war situation. 

In case of questions or uncertainties regarding postal services, customers are welcome to contact Latvijas Pasts Customer Centre: +371 67008001, +371 27008001, or via social network profiles. 



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