New Board of Latvijas Pasts takes office on the 9th of January 2023


New Board of Latvijas Pasts takes office on the 9th of January 2023

On the 9th of January 2023, the new Board of Latvijas Pasts is taking office for a five-year term. The Board will include both Latvijas Pasts management professionals and newcomers with substantial experience in other sectors. Mārcis Vilcāns, the current Chairman of the Board, will continue to operate as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The first major task of the new Board is the development and coordination of the company’s medium-term strategy.

M. Vilcāns has been re-appointed as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Latvijas Pasts, while Andris Puriņš, Gusts Muzikants and Kristaps Krūmiņš, who held this post on the previous board, have taken up the positions as Members of the Board, with their term of office starting on the 9th of January. 

According to Raimonds Dūda, Chairman of the Council of Latvijas Pasts, the new Board of Latvijas Pasts has “a strong and competent leadership team that affirms the Council’s commitment to promoting the implementation of a balanced and targeted programme of change and growth against the backdrop of global challenges”.  The company has significant assets and a currently underutilised potential in terms of business opportunities, which would ensure strengthening of the leadership status in the regional postal and logistics services market. “In order to promote this, our plan is to continue working on the modernisation and digitisation of the company’s processes and services, as well as the introduction of new and innovative postal services,” R. Dūda points out.

Mārcis Vilcāns, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Latvijas Pasts, expresses his gratitude to the team of Latvijas Pasts and outlines the most important tasks to be performed in the near future: “I consider my re-appointment as Chairman of the Board to be a great honour and credit of trust. My thanks go to the entire Latvijas Pasts team and the previous Board for their joint efforts, which provided the basis for achieving results, getting modernised, growing and developing. We already know that the first major task of the new Board will be to develop and coordinate the new medium-term strategy of the company. We are aware of the numerous challenges ahead of us that are related to the existing geopolitical situation and market changes in this context, the global focus area of the industry in connection with technological development and digitisation, competitiveness improvement, sustainability and the green deal”.

M. Vilcāns has been appointed as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and he leads the company and the team, as well as manages the parties involved. During his 17 years at Latvijas Pasts, M. Vilcāns held several directorships for approximately 11 years, and since 2016 he has been Chairman of the Board. Under the leadership of M. Vilcāns, the turnover of Latvijas Pasts has increased significantly (+74%), and innovations and improved services have been implemented, such as ensuring the automation of processing, sorting, weighing and scanning of small packages.

K. Krūmiņš – Member of the Board responsible for operations management and Chief Operating Officer (COO). K. Krūmiņš leads and supervises the effective and high-quality availability of material and technical support related to the operations of the company and its subsidiary companies in order to facilitate the implementation of the company’s strategy, as well as the achievement of its goals and performance milestones. Having joined Latvijas Pasts in 2007, K. Krūmiņš started his career as Deputy Head of the Personnel Planning Department and rose to the position of Member of the Board, which he has held since 2016. In recent years, as Member of the Board, he has been responsible for ensuring the continuity, quality and development of the largest structural units in terms of the number of employees – the post offices, the delivery (postmen) network, and the sorting and transportation of postal items.

A. Puriņš – Member of the Board responsible for financial management and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In this role, A. Puriņš has the responsibility to manage the company’s financial matters. In recent years, A. Puriņš has held the position of Director of the Financial Management Department at Latvijas Pasts and set up a unified financial department. In addition to overseeing financial and managerial accounting operations in the company, A. Puriņš ensured risk management, cooperation with banks and procurement processes.

G. Muzikants – Member of the Board responsible for business development and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). In this position, he supervises the company’s revenue, as well as product and service development and sales growth area. For 10 years, G. Muzikants was commercial director and member of the board of TET SIA, where he oversaw the creation and implementation of services, prices, sales and service channels, and the marketing strategy. Previously, G. Muzikants was manager of Kimberly-Clark South and Central Europe and the Baltics for 10 years, introducing new brands and products in 12 countries.

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Latvijas Pasts ensures the widest availability of postal services throughout Latvia by maintaining more than 600 post offices and an extensive network of indoor and outdoor parcel lockers. The primary function of the company is provision of the universal postal service; Latvijas Pasts also provides commercial transport, express mail, parcel locker, payment, press subscription, retail and philatelic services. Latvijas Pasts is a wholly State-owned company with around 3,000 employees. The quality measurements of Latvijas Pasts domestic mail deliveries are regularly conducted by Kantar TNS, one of the leading market, social and media research agencies in Latvia. In turn, the quality measurements of the cross-border deliveries are provided within the framework of the International Post Corporation through the intermediary of the research companies Kantar TNSIpsos and Quotas


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