Latvijas Pasts has purchased 105 electric bicycles for faster and easier delivery of postal items


Latvijas Pasts has purchased 105 electric bicycles for faster and easier delivery of postal items
As a means of ensuring faster and more convenient delivery of postal items, Latvijas Pasts has purchased 105 new and modern electric bicycles. The bicycles are already being used for delivery where the weather and road conditions allow. Latvian Pasts has collaborated with several Latvian manufacturers, system developers and cycling experts to improve the specifications of the bicycles, equip them and provide additional accessories to facilitate the convenience of postmen, resulting in the most effective new delivery vehicle solution.
Electric bicycles are an environmentally friendly way of delivering postal items, and they are also convenient for postmen, since they make item delivery quicker and easier than with a regular bicycle. The possibility of delivering items with electric bicycles was tested previously by Latvijas Pasts employees, and the solution was recognised as feasible for daily delivery processes.
The 105 new electric bicycles have been manufactured for Latvijas Pasts by Monark, a Swedish company that also provides bicycles to Norwegian postal workers. The new bicycles have been produced specifically for Latvijas Pasts and tailored to meet the requirements of Latvijas Pasts, ensuring maximum durability, high quality and ease of use for daily postal item delivery.
“The year 2023 in the history of Latvijas Pasts will be marked by the modernisation and renovation of the means of delivery used by postmen, thus improving not only the convenience of our employees, but also promoting the speed and efficiency of the entire delivery process. We are starting the year with new and modern electric bicycles, but soon we will continue with equally new and modern cars for postmen,” Mārcis Vilcāns, Chairman of the Board of Latvijas Pasts, points out with satisfaction.
Latvijas Pasts has collaborated with the representatives of the association Drošās ielas in the preparation of the bicycle specification, and this has made it possible to define in detail the necessary bicycle parameters and predict the maximum harmonious integration of these vehicles into daily traffic. Parameters such as frame shape and material, electric drive power and battery capacity, bearing capacity and maximum capacity, number of gears and shifting options, tyre specification, including resistance to punctures, cargo loads and electrical loads, as well as brakes, lights, horns and other parameters have been determined in cooperation with experts for maximum convenience of item delivery and usability of bicycles from the perspective of postmen.
The new means of transportation for postmen can travel 60 kilometres per day with bags attached to it, which can hold up to 60 kilograms of items. A low frame makes it easy for the postman to get on and off the bicycle. There is no need to prop up the bicycle in any way, as it can “stand up on its own” thanks to its wide and stable support leg, which is very easy to lower and raise.
Equipped with a GPS or Global Positioning System, the bicycles can be tracked remotely and their route can be recorded. This solution was created by Draugiem Group at Mapon.
Along with the new electric bicycles, postmen also receive special driving gloves produced by the Latvian company Raval Bike to keep their hands warm during winter riding. As part of the electric bicycle package, every user receives a helmet, hat and mobile phone holder.
The photos of the new electric bicycles can be viewed here.
In recent years, Latvijas Pasts has been actively implementing various projects to improve the comfort and environment for its employees and customers.
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