The knitting campaign resumes at Ukraine’s request: Soldiers at the front need socks, gloves, scarves and hats


The knitting campaign resumes at Ukraine’s request: Soldiers at the front need socks, gloves, scarves and hats

Latvijas Pasts, in collaboration with the associations Mēs Iecavai and Tavi draugi, is launching the third knitting campaign in support of Ukraine, accepting donated knitwear for further shipping free of charge at post offices throughout the country from the 6th of February to the 17th of March 2023. The campaign resumes at the request of Ukraine, as soldiers at the front need warm socks, gloves, scarves and hats. The donated knitwear will be delivered to Ukraine in cooperation with the association Tavi draugi.

The Knitting in Support of Ukraine campaign resumes at the request of Ukraine: at the moment it is especially important to help soldiers hold out and maintain their positions at the front, so this round of the campaign is particularly focused on the appeal to knit socks, gloves, scarves and hats for adults.

Beāte Bēvalde, a representative of the association Tavi draugi, informs: “Last autumn and winter, our warehouse at 50 Ventspils Street, Riga, became a kind of transit point for thousands of knitted items from all over Latvia on the way to Ukraine, where we delivered them with the association’s cargo or with the help of other organisations. As the campaign concluded, we were happy, grateful and content with the amount of knitwear sent. However, at the moment, our joy for what we have done alternates with sadness, because we receive more and more requests for knitwear, but we understand that we no longer have knitted items to send to the soldiers at the front, nor do we have knitted items to welcome the Ukrainians at the border. That is why we call on you! We call on you loudly – keep knitting! We will continue to fulfil requests and deliver knitwear to Ukraine!”

“We believe that all hard-working needlewomen were engaged in knitting and collected their works in January in order to send them as aid to Ukraine in the third stage of the campaign. This opportunity is now available, as Latvijas Pasts post offices throughout Latvia are open to accept free postal items.

Currently, the fighting in Ukraine is very intense, and our joint mission is to provide aid to as many combat units along the front line as possible. Back warmers, special button-down socks for the wounded, military gloves and, of course, socks will still come in handy. Let us not forget about the women and paramedics in the Ukrainian army. It seemed that we had knitted so much, but more is needed at this precise point in time,” Lauma Neimane, a representative of the association Mēs Iecavai, invites.

Anyone can participate in the campaign to support Ukraine by handing over knitted items to any post office of Latvijas Pasts throughout the country from the 6th of February to the 17th of March 2023, where the items will be accepted for further shipping free of charge. Latvijas Pasts will deliver the knitwear donated in the campaign to the association Tavi draugi, located at 50 Ventspils Street, Riga, from where the items will be transported to Ukraine. Please indicate the following text on the packet with the knitted items handed over to the post office: Akcija Adījumi, EKSPRESPASTS, Ziemeļu iela 10, Mārupes novads (Knitting campaign, EKSPRESPASTS, 10 Ziemeļu Street, Mārupe Municipality). 

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, two knitting campaigns to support Ukraine have taken place. The last of them started in September 2022 and completed at the end of the year, calling for donations of handicrafts of various types and sizes, which are needed by Ukrainian soldiers at the front, civilians in devastated cities and other populated areas, as well as war refugees. A total of 5,100 kilograms of knitwear was donated and delivered to post offices during the campaign by Latvian residents.

Many thanks to everyone who is participating and will participate in the Knitting in Support of Ukraine campaign!



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