Two new stamps issued in Birds of Latvia series

On Friday, June 18, the first day ceremony will be held in the post office Sakta for two stamps issued by Latvijas Pasts in the series Birds of Latvia.

The new stamps European Roller and Eagle-owl display beautiful birds found in the territory of Latvia. Latvijas Pasts has also issued first-day envelopes and a special cancellation; the envelopes show the European Roller and the Eagle-owl, while the postmark is a feather.

The author of the stamps European Roller and Eagle-owl is artist Ģirts Grīva. Their denominations are LVL 0.35 and 0.98. The print run of the European Roller stamp is 500,000, and there are 150,000 of the Eagle-owl stamps.

The first day event will take place in the post office Sakta in Riga, 32 Brīvības Boulevard, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

The European Roller (Coracias garrulus L.) is blue-green bird the size of a Jackdaw with a brown back. Since the middle of the 20th century, the population of these birds has rapidly declined, and currently there are less than 50 pairs of the species in Latvia; the European Roller is therefore a protected bird. The largest nesting area is situated in the North-East direction from Riga - the forests of Garkalne and Zaķumuiža.

The Eagle-owl (Bubo bubo L.) is the largest type of owl found in Latvia and is included in Latvia's Red Book. The Eagle-owl is spotted brown or yellow-brown, with large, orange eyes and the ability to rotate its head by 270 degrees. In Latvia, the Eagle-owl is mainly found near the sea and large lakes, in dry pine and mixed forests.

The next new stamp issue is planned for July 16.

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