Latvijas Pasts issues a set of postage stamps of 2022 featuring 25 philatelic releases


Latvijas Pasts issues a set of postage stamps of 2022 featuring 25 philatelic releases

Latvijas Pasts has released a set of postage stamps, which includes all stamps issued in 2022 – a total of 25 stamp releases, consisting of 34 stamps and three stamp blocks. The philatelic releases of 2022 comprise both stamps from traditional and popular series as well as special original releases. The new set of stamps of 2022 is available at the largest post offices of Latvijas Pasts and in the e-shop of Latvijas Pasts:

The set of Latvijas Pasts stamps of 2022 includes a total of 25 stamp releases, comprising 34 stamps and three stamp blocks, with their total print run amounting to more than three million copies. The set of postage stamps is a convenient way of collecting stamps, as it contains all stamps issued over the year, ensuring their functional use and visibility.

This year, Latvijas Pasts has issued a stamp block in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine: 50% of the proceeds from the sales of the block are channelled to the charity fund programme In Support of Ukraine

In 2022, stamps have been dedicated to a number of outstanding personalities representing various fields, honouring the Latvian landscape painter Vilhelms Purvītis (1872–1945) on his 150th anniversary; the prominent academician Jānis Stradiņš (1933–2019); the Latvian essayist Zenta Mauriņa (1897–1978) on her 125th anniversary; and the member of the Latvian national resistance movement Gunārs Astra (1931–1988).

The events important to the Latvian state have been marked with special stamps. Thus, stamps have been issued in honour of the centenaries of the Constitution (Satversme), which is the fundamental law of the Republic of Latvia, and of the Parliament (Saeima) of the Republic of Latvia. Stamps have also been dedicated to the centenary of the diplomatic relations between Latvia and the United States, the 100th anniversaries of the Latvian Olympic Committee and the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia, as well as the centenary of the conclusion and entry into force of the Concordat between the Republic of Latvia and the Holy See.

The issue of well-known stamp series also continued in 2022. For example, a stamp block in honour of Kārlis Kļava (1907–1941), a master of shooting sports, was released in the series Legends of Latvian Sports, while the series Outstanding Latvian Artists was supplemented with a stamp block dedicated to the painter Hilda Vīka (1897–1963). The release of the stamp in the series Latvian Architecture, featuring the Matīsa Street water tower painted by the artist Aleksejs Naumovs, concluded the popular philatelic series dedicated to the water tower theme. The series Latvian Birds was supplemented with two new stamps, this year featuring the common swift, recognised as Bird of the Year 2022, and the Eurasian magpie, a bird of the Corvidae family. The stamps in the single pan-European Europa series were dedicated to the theme of Latvian stories and myths. 

A new stamp was also issued in the series Fairy Tales of the World, and its theme was related to the fairy tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by the famous English writer Lewis Carroll. In turn, the stamp in the series Latvian Museums was dedicated to Latvian Sport Museum. 

Two philatelic releases of 2022 in the traditional series, comprising a total of seven stamps, were issued on a self-adhesive base: they are the stamps in the series Domestic Animals and Christmas. This year’s Christmas stamps are special with the QR code embedded in them, which allows the customer to obtain useful details online, such as information about the stamp tariff groups and the countries to which they can be used as postage. 

A new stamp featuring water lobelia, a rare and highly endangered plant, was issued in collaboration with the Latvian Fund for Nature. A new philatelic release was also dedicated to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia.

A completely new series of stamps was launched in 2022 as well: it is called Latvian Manors, and the first release in the series is dedicated to Švarcmuiža Manor at Daugavgrīvas Street, Riga.

A postage stamp is a postage voucher, which is used worldwide to pay for the forwarding of postal items, and at the same time a stamp can also be a valuable collectible item. The Latvian postage stamp issue plan is determined by the specially established Stamp Issue Committee. 

The sets of stamps released in 2022 are available for everyone interested at the largest post offices of Latvijas Pasts and in the e-shop of Latvijas Pasts:

All stamps issued by Latvijas Pasts in 2022 can be viewed here.


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