Latvijas Pasts plans to issue 20 new stamp releases in 2023 with a print run of about three million copies


Latvijas Pasts plans to issue 20 new stamp releases in 2023 with a print run of about three million copies

In 2023, Latvijas Pasts plans to make 20 new stamp releases – a total of 25 postage stamps and three stamp blocks with an overall print run of about three million copies. As usual, the new stamps will be included in the already familiar thematic series and also designed as special original releases. Latvijas Pasts is set to release the first six stamps on the 13th of January 2023, and they will be part of the series Domestic Animals and Flowers.   

Among the already popular series, which will be supplemented by new stamps in 2023, there are, for example, History of Latvian ShippingLatvian Museums and Latvian Birds. An addition is also expected in this year’s single pan-European Europa series: the stamps to be released as its part will be dedicated to the theme PEACE – the highest value of humanity. New stamp releases are planned in the series Latvian manors and Fairy Tales of the World.

Stamps will be issued to commemorate significant events and outstanding personalities: the 150th anniversary of the Song and Dance Festival, the 150th anniversary of the Latvian linguist Jānis Endzelīns, the 175th anniversary of the actor, director and playwright Ādolfs Alunāns and the 100th anniversary of the Valmiera Drama Theatre.

New stamps will also be dedicated to other legendary and notable cultural personalities of this country, such as the painter Kārlis Padegs and the playwright Pēteris Pētersons.

Special stamps will be issued on the centenary of the Latvian Basketball Association and in honour of the Ice Hockey World Championship in Latvia.

A philatelic release will be traditionally created in collaboration with the Latvian Fund for Nature, recalling protected fish species and dedicating a special issue to the vendace or the European cisco (Coregonus albula), which is an endangered species of fish.  

Two philatelic releases this year are planned to be issued on a self-adhesive base: they will be part of the series Domestic Animals and Christmas

Latvijas Pasts plans to release the first six stamps on the 13th of January 2023, and they will supplement the series Domestic Animals and Flowers.

In 2022, Latvijas Pasts issued 25 stamp releases, with their total print run amounting to more than three million copies. The stamps issued in 2022 can be viewed here

In addition to serving as a postage voucher to pay for the sending of postal items, a stamp can also be a valuable collectible item. The Latvian postage stamp issue plan is determined by the specially established Stamp Issue Committee. 


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Latvijas Pasts ensures the widest availability of postal services throughout Latvia by maintaining more than 600 post offices and an extensive network of indoor and outdoor parcel lockers. The primary function of the company is provision of the universal postal service; Latvijas Pasts also provides commercial transport, express mail, parcel locker, payment, press subscription, retail and philatelic services. Latvijas Pasts is a wholly State-owned company with around 3,000 employees. The quality measurements of Latvijas Pasts domestic mail deliveries are regularly conducted by Kantar TNS, one of the leading market, social and media research agencies in Latvia. In turn, the quality measurements of the cross-border deliveries are provided within the framework of the International Post Corporation through the intermediary of the research companies Kantar TNSIpsos and Quotas


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