Commercial Correspondence with Reply Paid

Companies that have concluded an agreement with “Latvijas Pasts” can pay for mailing back order forms, questionnaires, contracts, documents and small packets from the addressee.


Prepare the postal item in accordance with the sample set out in the agreement and deliver or mail it to the addressee.

The addressee sends you a reply by dropping it into a letter box or submitting it for postage at any post office. The addressee does not have to pay for mailing the reply, unless he/she wants to send a registered postal item. 

Replies are issued against a signature.

In order to conclude an agreement, the following information is required:

  • name of the legal entity, address, phone number
  • full name and position of the employee (signatory)
  • copy of the registration certificate of the company
  • copy of VAT payer's certificate (if the company is a registered VAT payer)
  • bank details
  • preferred term of validity of the contract
  • full name and phone number of the contact person



Fee for each returned postal item (the service is subject to value-added tax)
Letter correspondence (up to 20 g) € 0.65
Letter correspondence (from 21 g to 50 g) € 0.70
Letter correspondence (from 51 g to 100 g)  € 0.80
Letter correspondence (from 101 g to 250 g) € 1.00
Letter correspondence (from 251 g to 500 g)  € 1.30
Letter correspondence (from 501 g to 1000 g) € 1.95
Letter correspondence (from 1001 g to 2000 g) € 3.10