Registered and Insured Postal Items

You may receive a registered or an insured item at the address specified on the item, at a post office or from the postman.

If the addressee is not at the specified address at the time of delivery, we leave a notification to receive the item at a postal office. A repeated notification is sent if the addressee does not pick up the item within 5 days. If the addressee does not pick up the item within 30 days after receiving the first notification, the item is returned to the address specified by the sender.


Storage of parcels and small packets at the post office for the period exceeding 10 days is subject to additional fee of EUR 1.00 per day. The additional fee applies to each individual postal item for each day, including weekends and holidays. Storage of postal items addressed on request shall be paid for in accordance with the general procedure. The amount of the storage fee is not limited. The fee does not apply to letter-post items weighing less than 500 g.

When receiving a registered or an insured item at the specified address, at a post office or from the postman, the addressee must present their passport or identity document. By presenting a driving licence, one may receive a registered or an insured item, the value of which does not exceed EUR 150.

A postal item addressed to a legal entity may be picked up by a representative of the legal entity, presenting a statement from the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia regarding representation rights or a power of attorney certified by the head of the company entitling the person to receive postal items. Passport or ID must be presented.

You can receive a postal item without notification, if you know the number of the item, which consists of 13 characters (a combination of letters and numbers).

Customs Fees

All international postal items received in Latvia from non-EU countries are subject to customs control. It is checked whether the contents and value of the item correspond to the information in the accompanying documents, and the customs authority shall decide whether the customs duty is applicable to the item.

For more information on the application of the customs duty, see the website of the State Revenue Service.

Damaged Item

Upon receiving a registered or an insured item, check the contents thereof in the presence of the postal operator or the postman.

If any lack of contents, damage, weight non-conformity or other non-compliance with the information indicated in the accompanying documents is established, a corresponding act is drawn up and signed by the recipient of the item and the postal worker. At the same time, the sender can request the postal operator to consider the situation.

Latvijas Pasts will launch an inspection to determine the cause of the damage.

If you do not open the item in the presence of a postal worker, they cannot establish any non-compliance or damage of the contents. In this case, you can file a complaint to the sender.

If the damage or lack of contents of the item is discovered later, take photos of the damaged item, describe the damage, and contact the sender regarding exchange of the goods or refund options. In such cases, Latvijas Pasts is not responsible for making up for the damage, but we can help with advice so that your further actions follow the prescribed procedures.

If you have established a damaged item, please contact Latvijas Pasts by writing to or calling the info line 27008001, 67008001 to determine what to do next.

Incorrect Information of the Addressee

If the item does not contain complete information about the addressee – only your name, part of the name, or only the surname is specified –, the postal worker cant not make sure that you are the person entitled to receive the item.

In this case:

  • if the sender is a private person - contact the sender with a request to specify the addressee’s information with the postal operator of the sender’s state of residence;
  •  if the sender is a foreign online shop – at the moment of receiving a postal item addressee must present a personal identification document and a document showing the connection with the particular postal item (printout from online store with visible item number, payment document, etc.).

For more information about specifying data for international items, see here.

PO Box

We offer subscribing for a locker for safe receipt of postal items at a post office. In a PO box, you can receive postal items mailed to the address of the box and newspapers you have subscribed for.

Subscribing for a PO Box

Apply for a PO box at the post office where you would like to have it:

  • Present an identity document
  • Fill in Application PS50 on Subscribing for a PO Box
  • Pay for the subscription in cash, by card or bank transfer. 50% discount for pensioners
  • Receive a key

Receiving Items

To receive items in your PO box, include the following information in your address:

  • Name, surname
  • No. of the PO box
  • Name of the post office
  • Name of the populated area
  • Postal code

The service is provided no sooner than within 5 business days after the submission of the application at a post office.

For more information, see here

Redirection of Correspondence

We redirect your correspondence to any other address of your choice, including a PO box.

You can redirect the following items to another address:

  • Domestic and international ordinary and registered letter mail
  • CN07 notice on the receipt/delivery/payment/registration for/of a domestic or an international item
  • PS4 notice on delivery of a registered domestic postal item

Apply for redirection at a post office:

  • Fill in an Application for Redirection: full name; address, from which you want to redirect your correspondence; address, to which you want to redirect your correspondence; period of redirection (minimum period of service – 1 month)
  • Present an identity document
  • Pay for the service in cash, by card or bank transfer

The service is provided no sooner than within 5 business days after the submission of the application at a post office.

In rural areas of Latvia, redirection is free of charge, if all individuals residing at the same address agree to redirect their correspondence to a PO box.

For more information, see here

Authorization Letter

A person authorized by you can receive the item by presenting the authorization letter and a passport or an ID.

You can draw up an authorization letter to receive postal items at any post office by presenting your passport or ID. Fill in the application, specifying full name and identity number of the person to be authorized. You can draw up a permanent authorization or a temporary authorization for a particular period of time. In order to draw up an authorization letter, the person to be authorized may not be present.

A proper power of attorney certified by a notary public is also valid for receiving postal items.

For more information, see here

Cash-on-delivery item

You can receive cash-on-delivery item (insured mail item for which the amount indicated by sender is collected from the adressee) in postal office or at the address indicated on the item.

Before paying the cash-on-delivery amount, the addressee has rights to;

  • Check the sender of the item;
  • Refuse to accept the item.

To receive a cash-on-delivery item:

  • Show a personal identification document to postal employee;
  • Fill Notification PS22 form;
  • Fill personal identification number in the order (PNS-020, PNS-040, PNS-041) attached to the item (in case if it isn’t filled by sender), date and signature;
  • Pay according to the amount and payment method indicated by sender (domestic money transfer, payment to another person’s postal payment system account or a deposit to credit institution account).

Additional information about received collected cash-on-delivery amounts is available here.

Delivery paid

Receiving a notification in your mailbox or an SMS in your mobile phone, that postal item can be received in postal office, you can apply for delivery to the address indicated on the shipment. You can apply for an additional service by calling the phone number indicated in the notification. Additional charges will be paid during delivery of the item

Additional service is available:

  • For domestic and international small packets weighing up to 500 grams free of charge.
  • Fees for domestic or international parcels or small packets weighing over 500 grams

Applying for an additional service Change the data of a registered mail item, change the delivery address of the shipment and get the shipment at the place of your convenience.

Additional service rate in EUR with VAT 21%

Type of additional services EUR
Delivery paid (per shipment) 4.99