Redirection of Correspondence

We redirect your correspondence to any other address of your choice, including a PO box.


You can redirect the following items to another address:

  • Domestic and international ordinary and registered letter mail
  • CN07 notice on the receipt/delivery/payment/registration for/of a domestic or an international item
  • PS4 notice on delivery of a registered domestic postal item

Apply for redirection at a post office:

  • Fill in an Application for Redirection: full name; address, from which you want to redirect your correspondence; address, to which you want to redirect your correspondence; period of redirection (minimum period of service – 1 month)
  • Present an identity document
  • Pay for the service in cash or by card

The service is provided no sooner than within 5 business days after the submission of the application at a post office.

In rural areas of Latvia, redirection is free of charge, if all individuals residing at the same address agree to redirect their correspondence to a PO box.


The service ensures receipt of a free SMS with a reminder that there are 10 days remaining until the service expiration date. Apply for the service at a post office when applying for redirection of correspondence.

The additional service is provided free of charge.


Service Price
Redirection of correspondence (monthly for one person) 7,00 EUR

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