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Postal items received from countries outside the European Union are subject to customs clearance and national taxes.


Latvijas Pasts offers customs clearance services for postal items.

In order for an individual to clear a postal item, the customer must submit the following:
• Proof of purchase / invoice;
• Payment order (paid invoice for the product);
• A duly completed and signed authorisation certifying that you authorise Latvijas Pasts to carry out customs clearance on your behalf (authorisation for download).

If the postal item has been sent by a private person to a private person, the customer must submit to the customs broker of Latvijas Pasts a postal delivery note (form for the postal item) certifying the sender, the recipient, the contents of the postal item, and its value.


The prepared documents must be sent to e-mail address

After receiving the calculation prepared by Latvijas Pasts, you can go to a post office and pay taxes there. Upon receipt of the postal item, it is necessary to submit the original authorisation authorising Latvijas Pasts to perform customs clearance of the postal item on behalf of the customer.

In addition, the customer must pay for the transfer to a credit institution: 2% of the payment amount (min. EUR 3.50).

More information on customs services:
Customer Centre of Latvijas Pasts
+371 27008001
+371 67008001 
The services and pricelist of the Latvijas Pasts customs broker for legal entities are available here.

Customs clearance and payment of taxes without additional charge can be made by the recipient of the postal item in the Electronic Declaration System of the State Revenue Service by filling in an electronic import customs declaration for the postal item, manually entering the necessary data into the system, and uploading the accompanying documents.
Information on the State Revenue Service website
If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Customs Department of the State Revenue Service by phone +371 67120000 or

More information here.


Central information line of postal offices