Ordinary Postal Items

Ordinary items that you can receive in your mailbox.

You may receive a registered or an insured item at the address specified on the item, at a post office or from the postman.

We redirect your correspondence to any other address of your choice, including a PO box.

We offer drawing up an authorization letter to receive your postal items.

We offer subscribing for a locker for safe receipt of postal items at a post office. In a PO box, you can receive postal items mailed to the address of the box.

Receiving Direct Mail Advertisements and Informative Materials

We offer the option to receive items from Latvian on-line stores in one of the 60 CIRCLE K gas stations throughout Latvia. 

Registered item redirection – an additional service in Latvijas Pasts mobile application, which provides redirection and delivery of a registered or insured item to your chosen address or to a delivery point of Latvijas Pasts

Latvijas Pasts provides a possibility of sending parcels to 61 parcel lockers throughout Latvia, delivering parcels to a parcel locker via a courier, as well as storing parcels in parcel lockers.