Working at Latvijas Pasts


In terms of the number of employees, Latvijas Pasts is the third largest company in Latvia. The company employs more than 4,000 people, representing around 150 professions. 

Most of them are mailmen and postal operators, assisted by lawyers, accountants, economists, financial analysts, credit experts, bond and philately experts, auditors, inspectors, quality control specialists, customer service specialists and consultants, international relations specialists, service development and sales professionals, administrators, marketing professionals, public relations specialists, clerks, staff development specialists, training centre specialists, subscription systems specialists, computer technicians, information systems analysts and engineers, couriers, logistics specialists, postal item sorters, security specialists, drivers, experts on merchandise, mail-handling operators and representatives of many other professions. 

Latvijas Pasts is a responsible company that provides a full range of statutory social security, as well as additional benefits, including health and life insurance and insurance against accidents at work. 

The relationship with employees is also regulated by the collective agreement, which includes favourable conditions regarding salary, social protection, labour protection, recreation, and other conditions. 
Employees can receive bonuses for effective performance, as well as participate in free training.


Latvijas Pasts is the workplace of more than 4,000 people in Latvia. The company, as a responsible and interested employer, provides its employees with a range of benefits:

Latvijas Pasts is a joint-stock company completely owned by the state. The collective employment agreement guarantees a stable and predictable provision of employee benefits, provides employees with significantly better conditions than those provided for in the Labour Law. There is a labour union in the company that represents interests of the employees.


Insurance policies. After working a year at Latvijas Pasts, the employees receive a health insurance policy. The accident insurance policy is given to all the positions that are at a higher risk of accidents (more than 70% of all positions at Latvijas Pasts).

Compensation of expenses related to acquisition of optical products. The costs of acquisition of glasses are compensated.

Labour safety Employees are provided with personal protective equipment – work shoes, raincoats, pepper sprays, trolleys/bags, reflectors, work clothing – uniforms.

Social Fund. Latvijas Pasts has created a Social Fund in collaboration with the labour union, the funds of which are used for paying for benefits, compensation and activities unforeseen in the collective agreement.

Additional benefits

Premium for training of other employees. Mentors receive premiums for training employees of Latvijas Pasts (trainees).

Commissions, depending on the amount of work done. In addition to salary, employees can receive a commission for the delivery of unaddressed advertising mail, receipt of payments at the customer's place of residence, etc.

Additional paid leave. Latvijas Pasts grants its employees additional paid leave for the length of service, special risk, special responsibility, to large families, as well as in important occasions (weddings, funerals, a child's entering the 1st grade, etc.).

Celebration of anniversaries. Employees are congratulated on their life and work anniversaries and they receive cash gifts.

Funeral allowance. The funeral allowance is paid in case of an employee's or their relative's death.

Paid transportation. Latvijas Pasts covers the public transport (bus, trolley, tram) costs for employees, who use public transport in performing their duties. There is an employee bus (free of charge) running from the centre of Riga to the company's main building – the Postal sorting complex.

Bonuses. After evaluating the performance of each employee and taking into account the company's financial performance, employees are paid bonuses.

Good offers. The employees of Latvijas Pasts can use services of certain companies, such as Statoil, Citadele, etc., on favourable conditions (offers).

Subsidized catering. Catering services at lower prices are available to the staff employed in the company's main building – the Postal sorting complex – at the canteen of the complex.


Training. Latvijas Pasts organizes the training necessary for its staff and covers the costs of it. The training centre prepares new recruits in Riga and the regions.

Support for balancing studies and work. Latvijas Pasts creates favourable conditions for balancing studies and work. Employees are granted study leave (with or without maintaining the salary) and education benefits for acquiring their first higher education in specialities related to postal services.

Sales contests. Various sales contests are organised at post offices.

Growth opportunities. More than 4,000 jobs provide an opportunity to take on more responsibility and more complex work by participating in the internal selection of employees.