Prohibited Postal Items

We hereby inform you of what articles are prohibited from being mailed.

Articles prohibited from being mailed:

  • firearms, ammunition, blade weapons, articles intended for attack and defence (brass knuckles, stilettos, cans with paralysing fluid, etc.), soldier's equipment
  • drugs and psychotropic substances, devices for their use
  • pornographic material
  • batteries and items that are powered by batteries
  • gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, poison, acid and other explosive, easily inflammable substances and articles
  • perishable foods
  • animals

In letter correspondence postal items (expect for registered items), it is prohibited to include the following:

  • money
  • bearer securities
  • precious metals and jewellery

In addition to the aforementioned prohibitions, it is forbidden to place articles that are not allowed to be imported to the country of delivery and not allowed to be exported from Latvia in international postal items. To learn more, check the Manual for Acceptance of International Postal Items or ask the employees of post offices.

  • Explosives and articles containing them (pyrotechnics, ammunitions, etc.);
  • Gases (all types of aerosols, airbags for cars);
  • Highly flammable liquids** (alcohol, paints, lacquers, fuel, including empty fuel tanks);
  • Highly flammable solids (matches, yellow phosphorus, dry alcohol, magnesia);
  • Corrosive substances (mercury and articles containing it, acids, vinegar);
  • Oxidizing agents (bleaches, mineral fertilizers, car body cosmetics);
  • Biologically hazardous materials (various types of poison, insect repellent);
  • Radioactive materials * (medical or industrial isotopes);
  • Other dangerous products and substances harmful to the environment (asbestos, dry ice, magnets, lithium batteries *, batteries *, etc.)

    * It is allowed to transfer items or substances if the exceptions provided in the medical or transport (aviation) legislation are observed.
    ** Almost all airlines do not accept any kind of liquids for transportation.
    Airline lines can also determine other types of content restrictions.