Latvijas Pasts informs on changes in e-commerce items to Norway


Latvijas Pasts informs on changes in e-commerce items to Norway

From 2024, a seven-digit number, or VOEC (VAT on e-commerce) must be indicated digitally on e-commerce items to Norway to avoid item processing delays and additional charges for the customer.

Otherwise, value added tax will be applied to the recipient of the item once again after the item crosses the border. Therefore, merchants need to digitally indicate the unique VOEC number, which the national postal operator will submit to Norwegian customs.

The new rules apply to goods with a value of up to 3,000 Norwegian krone, which is approximately 268 euro. The mentioned procedure is not binding on specialised items such as medical and excise goods, beverages, food and nutritional supplements.

Only goods with a value of less than 3,000 Norwegian krone can be charged with VAT and sent as VOEC goods. The specific amount applies per item and not per consignment.

For more information, read the guidelines published by the Norwegian Tax Administration.

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